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FREE Guitar Resources

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Tuning Your Guitar

Basic Guitar Tuning

Alternate Tunings

Slide Guitar and Open Tunings

Getting Started

Guitar Chords

Open Chords

Barre Chords

Power Chords

Sweep Arpeggios--Major Chords

Printable Guitar Chord Charts

Major and Minor Open Chords

Dominant 7 Chords

Minor 7 Chords

Guitar Scales

Pentatonic Scales

Major Scales

Minor Scales

Minor Scales

Modal Scales

Printable Guitar Scales Charts

Ionian Mode

Dorian Mode

Phrygian Mode

Lydian Mode

Practicing Guitar Scales

Practicing Rhythms

Fast Alternate Picking

Guitar Chord Progressions

Major Chord Progressions

Minor Chord Progressions

Blues Chord Progressions

Minor Blues Progressions

Guitar Solo Techniques

The Slide

The Bend


Natural and Artificial Harmonics

Cool Jazz Licks

Guitar Purchasing Resources

Buying A Guitar

Buying Guitar Amplifiers

Discount Guitars

Guitar Foot Pedals

Vintage Guitar Values

Guitar Music Books

Discount Guitar Music Books

Guitar Tabs

Tab Reading Basics

Tab Reading--Special Symbols

Guitar Forum

Ask Guitar Questions

FREE Piano/Keyboard Lessons

Getting Started

Piano Scales

Major Scales--Beginning

Major Scales--Advanced

Natural Minor Scales

Harmonic Minor Scales

Piano Chords

Major Chords

Minor Chords

Chord Inversions

Extended Chords

Arpeggios--Major and Minor

Printable Piano Charts

Major and Minor Triads

Dominant 7 Chords

Blues Piano Lessons

The 12-Bar Blues Progression

The Minor Blues Progression

12-Bar Blues Piano Exercises

Piano/Keyboard Purchasing Resources

Tips For Buying a Keyboard

Discount Keyboards

Discount Keyboard/Piano Music Books

Piano/Keyboard Forum

Ask Piano Questions

FREE Drum Lessons

Getting Started on Drums

Tips for Tuning Drums

Snare Drum Rudiments

The First 20 Rudiments

The Last 20 Rudiments

Rudimental Solos

Rock Beats

Basic Rock Beats

Advanced Rock Beats

Composing and Using Drum Fills

Drumming Techniques

Weekly Technique Lesson

Drum Set Techniques

Double Bass Drum Techniques

Drum Purchasing Resources

Tips For Buying Drums

Discount Drums

Discount Drum Music

Almost Free Drum Tabs

Drum Forum

Ask Drum Questions

FREE Music Theory Lessons

Reading Guitar Music

Reading Keyboard Music--Treble


Reading Keyboard Music--Bass Clef

Key Signatures

Key Signatures--Sharp Keys

Key Signatures--Flat Keys

Chord Formulas

Major, Minor, and 7th chords

Advanced Chords

Chord Functions

Chord Progressions

Major Chord Progressions

Minor Chord Progressions

BluesChord Progressions

FREE Music Composition and Song Writing Lessons

The Song Writing Process

Songwriting Tips--Intro, Verse and Bridge

Songwriting Tips--Pre-Chorus, Chorus and Outro

Writing Song Lyrics

Songwriting Software

Songwriting Contests

Virtual Music Store

Music Software

Music Creating and Editing Software

Guitar Software

Drum Software

Keyboard Software

Discount Instruments

Discount Guitars

Discount Keyboards

Discount Drums

Discount Music Books

Discount Guitar Music

Discount Piano/Keyboard Music

Discount Drum Music

Musician Promotion

Featured Artists

Promote Your Band

My Favorite Band

Free Music


Music Contests and Sweepstakes

Build a Successful Home Business

A "Smart" Home Business

Work At Home Moms

Retired Persons


Service Sellers

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New! Comments

We welcome your comments and ideas! Leave a comment in the box below.