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Here you will find links to the free guitar resources guitar lessons. Enjoy and come back soon. If you have a question, email me and I will be glad to help you.

These free guitar resources and lessons are intended to help you get started, give you some new ideas, and supplement your current course of study.

I recommend that beginners start with the first lesson. There is a guitar tuner there if you need one.

For those with more experience, I cannot say enough about the importance of learning the chords and practicing your scales. The level of these skills that you possess pretty much determines the level of your playing. A GUITAR PLAYER DOES NOT LIVE BY POWER CHORDS ALONE. You more advanced players, check out the "Jazz Licks". They are cool!

Come back often as there will be new guitar lessons At Free Guitar Resources.

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Free Guitar Resources

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Guitar Tuning

Alternate Tunings

Slide Guitar Tuning and Open Tunings

Beginners Guitar Lessons

Guitar Open Chords

Pentatonic Guitar Scales

Guitar Major Scales

Minor Guitar Scales

Practicing Scales--Guitar Scale Rhythms

Practicing Scales--Fast Alternate Picking

Power Chords

Guitar Barre Chords

Sweep Arpeggios--Major Guitar Arpeggios

Blues Chord Progressions

Minor Chord Progressions

Harmonizing the Minor Scales--A Mini-Ebook

Free-Guitar-Resources has compiled Guitar Pro charts of the chords resulting from the three forms of the minor scale in all twelve keys. These charts include both piano and guitar notation. If you are interested in learning in depth about harmonizing the minor scales, these are well organized, comprehensive, and easy to understand.


NEW!Guitar Scale Modes

Jazz Licks

Reading Guitar Tab--Basics

Reading Guitar Tab--Special Symbols

Reading Guitar Music

Guitar Solo Techniques

Practicing Scales--Rhythms

Practicing Scales--Fast Repeated Notes




Natural and Artificial Harmonics

HOT!Free Guitar Licks! (Guitar Pro) Tabs!

Free cool guitar licks from your favorite songs

Discount Guitar Pedals

Find Great Deals on new and used guitar effects pedals!


Do you need drum tracks to practice with? We have just added a whole section of midi drum backing tracks! Now you can practice with the original drum part. Check them out at Almost Free Drum Tracks

Are you a BASS player?

I have added a whole new section just for YOU!

Play Bass Guitar

NEW!Guitar Music Books

Discount prices on GREAT guitar music books!

NEW!Guitar Gifts

Guitar Purchasing Resources

Buying A Guitar

Buying Guitar Amplifiers

NEW!Discount Guitars

NEW!Guitar Foot Pedals


You can ask any question about guitars and guitar playing and your question and answer will appear on the site within 2 days!


Find out how much your guitar is worth!


Find out how much your amp is worth!

NEW!Free Printable Guitar Chord Charts--Major and Minor Open Chords

NEW!Free Printable Guitar Chord Charts--Dominant 7 Chords

NEW!Free Printable Guitar Chord Charts--Minor 7 Chords

NEW!Free Printable Modal Scale (Guitar Pro) Tabs!

Ionian Mode Guitar Scales

Dorian Mode Guitar Scales

Phrygian Mode Guitar Scales

Lydian Mode Guitar Scales

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