Basic Guitar Chord Charts:
Minor 7 Chords

Basic Guitar Chord Charts: Minor 7 Chords

Minor 7 Chords in Theory


The Minor 7 Chord can be constructed using this formula:1 b3 5 b7. The numbers refer to notes in the corresponding major scale. Build it by starting with the MINOR TRIAD and adding the flatted seventh note of the scale.

For example, a "C minor 7" chord would contain the notes C Eb G Bb. This chord is notated as Cm7 or Cmi7. If we use the same formula for "Dm7", we get the notes D F A C.

Of course, to apply this formula to all 12 keys, you need to know the Key Signatures.

You can find guitar chord charts here!


The Minor 7 chord functions as a ii iii or vi chord. If you need to know more about chord progressions, Chord Progressions is a page on this site which will be helpful.

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Free Printable Basic Guitar Chord Charts

Here is a link to a free printable pdf chart of the simplest positions for playing Minor 7 Chords: Minor 7 Chords. Remember that you need to expand it to 100% in the viewer. You will need the Adobe Reader to view and print the file. You can download the reader free at the Adobe website.

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