Tao of Music2
Chapter Two: Learn Creatively

The Tao of Music2---Chapter Two: Learn Creatively

There is only ONE YOU in the entire Universe--in all of the universes that have ever existed, there has never been a being exactly like YOU! What's more, there will never in the future BE another exactly like you. Isn't that totally INCREDIBLE when you really think about it?

The force of creation that created you is still creating you. Think of a tree--it does not just suddenly one day appear in final form--50 feet tall, long branches full of leaves. It started as a seed which contained all that the tree could eventually be. It is continuously created throughout its life.

So it is with YOU--with one major difference. You have the opportunity and the ability to PARTICIPATE in your own creation!All you have to do is CHOOSE TO BE AWARE of the unique creative energy that resides within you.

When you are in touch with your inner creative force, you are free to offer all of your unique talents and gifts to everything you do.

Your desire to be a musician was given to you by the creative force within you and you have chosen to follow that desire. In the same manner, your own inner passions and gifts will lead you to specific steps on your journey as a musician.

Think about it--something led you to this website and to this article. Follow your inner promptings and every step will be revealed to you when you are ready for it.

Follow your own heart--if everyone says you should play the electric guitar because it is "cool", yet in your heart, you want to play jazz piano--THEN PLAY JAZZ PIANO! If you find that practicing scales in a certain manner feels "right" for you--do it that way! Similarly, when you are ready for a teacher, the exact teacher that you need will appear!

Let go of your doubts and fears and just follow your creative force to the perfection that only YOU can create!

Best wishes to you for your journey! Check back often as there will be MANY more chapters following The-Tao-of-Music-2!

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