Music Theory Basics

Do you really need to learn music theory basics?

Trying to write truly expressive music without knowing theory is similar to trying to walk blindfolded. You may end up where you are going eventually but the process will be much slower, filled with more obstacles and much less satisfying.

If you have been thinking of theory as a bunch of constricting "rules", try a different perspective. Music theory is actually a description of how music has been written though the years.

If you wanted to build an airplane, wouldn't you want to know something about how people have built planes in the past? You would if you wanted to live long enough to build more than one!

To the players who say that music theory is just a bunch rules that inhibit their creativity, I say this: "My dear rebel, how can you break the rules when you refuse to know what they are?".

Below, you will find links to the theory lessons. Please come back often as there will be MANY more.

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You can also find some very useful guitar theory information at Alex's site at Guitar Theory in Depth.


Notation Basics and Reading Guitar Music

Notation Basics and Reading Keyboard Music

Reading Bass Clef Notes

Key Signatures--Sharp Keys

Key Signatures--Flat Keys

Chord Formulas-ONE

Chord Formulas-TWO

Chord Progressions

Minor Chord Progressions

Harmonizing the Minor Scales--A Mini-Ebook

I have compiled Guitar Pro charts of the chords resulting from the three forms of the minor scale in all twelve keys. These charts include both piano and guitar notation. If you are interested in learning in depth about harmonizing the minor scales, these are well organized, comprehensive, and easy to understand.


Blues-Chord- Progressions

Chord Functions

Transposing Music

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