Guitar Solo Bend Techniques

The guitar solo bend is one of the first things you can learn to "spice up" your solos. Bending involves just that--bending a string so that the pitch is different. You accomplish this by bending the string by various degrees with your left hand.

There are several types of bends and, of course, many more ways to apply each type. This is where your imagination comes in. I have included the basic types of bend techniques here.

This is important: When you bend a note, the idea is to end up with a note that is in the particular scale that you are using. For example, if you are using a half-step bend, start 1 fret BELOW the note you actually want. The pictures below will further illustrate this idea.

Improve your guitar solo bend technique!

Here are the techniques. Click on the right arrow of the player to hear each one.

The Half-Step Bend

The Whole Step Bend

Notice that on the second bend I made the bend a little slower to give you an idea of the variations that are possible.

The Whole Step Bend/Release

The Whole Step Bend/Release/Bend

Sometimes the difference is very subtle, so listen carefully.

The Whole Step Pre-Bend Release

"Pre-Bend" means that you have already bent the string before you strike it.

The best way to practice these techniques is by inserting them into your scales as I have done in the illustrations. That way you get TWO kinds of practice--technique and scales!


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