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Do you need need inspiration?Are you looking for something new to play? Or maybe you want to learn to play rock, blues, or jazz. Perhaps you are looking for a great gift for a keyboard player? Whatever your passion, we all know that NOTHING sparks your interest like some new music!

Often it is difficult to find music that you will really enjoy playing. There are hundreds of choices at your local music store and on line. Did you ever wish that your teacher could come along on your music shopping trip? Well, now is your chance!

These books have been hand picked. I have included only books that I found to be valuable, interesting, and reasonably priced.

Take your time and click on the books that sound interesting to you. Be sure to look at the information about levels and choose a level that is close to--maybe just a bit above--the level at which you are currently playing. We grow by attempting music that is just a little to difficult for our present level!

Some of the best deals around are on Ebay. It is easy to sign up and free for buyers to use. 

Here are the best deals RIGHT NOW! These listings are updated constantly. I have presented them here for your convenience. Find the piano music books you want at the price you want--fast and easy.

***IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The links at the top of each entry are currently not working. Please click on the picture.

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