Beginning Piano Scales are the First Step!

The first step in learning beginning piano scales is to understand their structure. A MAJOR SCALE is a series of 7 notes arranged in a pattern of whole steps and half steps. The pattern is: WHOLE- WHOLE -HALF-WHOLE- WHOLE-WHOLE-HALF. This is how it looks on your keyboard:.

This example represents the "C MAJOR" scale. To play this with your right hand, start with your thumb on "C" and use the following fingers:

1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5

Notice that in order to play "F" with the first finger, your thumb (first finger) must pass under the 3rd finger which is on "E".

This is the fingering for the left hand.

C D E F G A B C5 4 3 2 1 3 2 1

This time, in order for the 3rd finger to play "A" , it must pass over the thumb, which is on "G"

Learn piano scales!

Now if we begin on any note other than C and keep the pattern of whole steps and half steps, we will have to use at least one black key. This is G MAJOR: Note that there is one sharp--F#.The first image is the fingering for your RIGHT HAND.

The image below it is the LEFT HAND
fingering. Notice that in the RIGHT HAND, the 4th finger plays F#. In the LEFT HAND, F# is played by the 2nd finger.

The following scales are presented in the same manner: Right Hand followed by Left Hand. The first note is the name of the scale.

D Major

A Major

With practice, you will soon master beginning piano scales!

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E Major

B Major

F Major

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