Rock Drum Beats
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The possibilities for rock drum beats are as endless as your imagination! "Back beat", "Skank beat", "Banana beat", "Break beat", " Ska beat", the list goes on and on.

For this lessons, I decided to just take beats from some tunes that you might know and let you see them in written form and hear them.They are all from songs that I have taught my drum students.

Come back soon because I will keep adding new beats including jazz and Latin beats. Click on the player after each beat to hear it.

Look here for exiting new drum beats!

This first one is from "Run To The Hills" by Iron Maiden.

"Freak on a Leash" by Korn

"One Day Women Will All Become Monsters" by Panic At The Disco

"Vicarious" by Tool

The best way to practice these beats is with a metronome at a very SLOW tempo. You can copy them and print them out if you want.

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