Snare Drum Lessons:
Weekly Technique Lesson

Snare Drum Lessons: Weekly Technique Lesson

This week's technique lessons is TRIPLETS. Triplets are one of the most important and versatile techniques for the snare drum and, in fact, for the whole drum set.

To begin, first practice the triplet rhythm on the snare drum only. Remember to accent the first note of each triplet--otherwise you are playing just eighth notes but not triplets.

Be sure to alternate the sticking--RLR LRL etc.

I have included a "practice loop" in the mp3 file. It begins slowly and then becomes a little faster each time. Here is the exercise:

Click on the right arrow of the player to hear the practice loop.

Next week's technique lesson will deal with extending the triplet exercise to include drums other than the snare drum. Be sure to check back each week!

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