Online Guitar Lessons:
Tips to Improve Your Guitar Playing Today!

Tips to Improve Your Guitar Playing TODAY!

Are you looking for ways to improve your playing? You really want to play better but just don't know what to do next?

These online guitar lessons are here to help! There is nothing which sparks your interest and improves your playing like adding some new knowledge. Here are some great tips that will help you to take that next step toward being the guitar player that you want to be.

Online Guitar Lessons

1. Learn Some New Scales - Here are some ideas (all links open in a new window)for new scales or new ways of practicing guitar scales:

Minor Scales

Modal Scales (Get free printable guitar scales charts)

Practicing Guitar Scales in Rhythms

Practicing Guitar Scales for Fast Alternate Picking

2. Learn to Play a New Song! - Not only will you love knowing how to play that song you've been wanting to learn, but the skills that you acquire learning a new song will often open up new ideas for your playing in general. Try these:

Free Guitar Licks from Famous Songs(All Guitar Pro Free Tabs)

Buy Yourself a New Guitar Music Book!

3. Treat Yourself to Some Free Lead Guitar Lessons.

The guitar solo techniques that you will learn can supercharge your playing and your enthusiasm. Here are some places to go:

The Guitar Solo Slide

The Guitar Solo Bend

Guitar Solo Tapping

Guitar Sweep Arpeggios

4.Find Some Friends to Jam With!

Ask around your school--there are BOUND to be other players looking for kindred spirits. Don't be afraid to jam with players that are better than you are. That is one of the BEST ways to learn!

5. Teach Someone How to Play the Guitar

This is an EXCELLENT way to learn! I can tell you from YEARS of experience that my playing has improved more from teaching than almost any other way of practicing. If you need some ideas about how to teach someone, go to Free Guitar Resources. You will find TONS of free guitar lessons there.

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