Beginning Piano Lessons

So you are ready for beginning piano lessons. Welcome! This is going to be fun. Remember to go slowly and master each small step along the way. That will allow you to build a strong musical foundation upon which to build your piano playing skills.

The first thing we are going to do is to look at the piano keys.

These are the names of the white keys on a piano or any keyboard. When you look at a keyboard you will notice that this pattern of seven white keys and five black keys just keeps repeating for the full length of the keyboard.

When beginning piano lessons,you need to memorize the names of the white keys. It is easiest to remember them in terms of where they are in relation to the black keys. For example--"C" is the white key directly to the left of 2 black keys; "F" is the white key directly to the left of 3 black keys, etc. Can you think of a way to remember where "D" is?
Did you say in the middle of two black keys? RIGHT!!!

There is a game you can play to help you memorize these keys. Just close your eyes, play any white key and keep your finger on it, then open your eyes and try to name the key. Go ahead--try it on your piano right now. Try playing a key far to the right (high notes) then try another one--way down to the left (low notes). How did you do? Keep doing it and it will soon be EASY!

Here are some tunes you can play by using the white keys. We call these Mystery Songs. Play them with one finger if you wish and try to guess the name of the tune.


Did you guess it? Play it for someone and see if they can "name that tune".

How about this one?


Here is one more--


Once you can play these tunes, MEMORIZE them so that you can play them anywhere you find a piano! By the way, did you tell your friends that you decided to take beginning piano lessons?

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That was a LOT to learn in one day so why don't you practice the tunes and then when you are ready,come to this SAME PAGE and learn about the black keys.

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The musical distance from one key to the VERY NEXT key is called a half-step.When you go to the right on the keyboard you are going UP (toward the high notes).Going to the left> takes you DOWN (toward the low notes).

If you go UP a half-step, it is called a "SHARP" (#) DOWN a half-step is called a "FLAT".
For example, the black key immediately to the right of "C" is called "C SHARP" (C#) The black key immediately to the LEFT of "E" is called "E FLAT" (Eb.

Notice that each black key has both a sharp and a flat name.

Practice naming all of the black keys by their sharp and flat names.

Did you have fun? Are you glad that you decided to begin-piano? I hope so! See you at the next lesson!

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Remember, you can always Ask Piano Questions. I promise to answer!

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