Reading Guitar Tab2
Understanding Special Symbols Used in Guitar Tab

Reading Guitar Tab2--Special Symbols

There are several special symbols that you will see when you read a guitar tab. These symbols are instructions about TECHNIQUES used to play each note. Here are the most common symbols and their meanings:

h - hammer on

p - pull off

b - bend string up

r - release bend

/ - slide up

- slide down

v - vibrato (sometimes written as ~)

t - right hand tap

x - play 'note' with heavy damping

Here is an example of how these symbols might look in a tab:

Here is an example of how these symbols might look in a tab:
E---------------------------------String 1
B---------------------------------String 2
G---------------------------------String 3
D---------------------------------String 4
A---------7h9-----------10b12---String 5
E----5p3-------------------------String 6

If you need information about how to perform these and other techniques, Guitar Solo Techniques is a free lesson on this site with instructions and audio practice files.

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