Lydian Mode Guitar Scale

The Lydian Mode Guitar Scale

The Lydian Mode is the first major mode of the major scale. The first two modes, Dorian and Phrygian are minor modes.


The Lydian Mode Scale is built upon the fourth note in the major scale. The pattern of whole and half steps in the Lydian Modal Scale is as follows:


If you follow this pattern, you will create a scale which begins on the 4th note of the major scale and has the same key signature as the major scale.


F Lydian -- F G A B C D E F (the same key signature as C Major)

G Lydian -- G A B C# D E F# G (the same key signature as D Major)

***NOTE: There are 2 ways to think about the construction of the Lydian Mode Guitar Scale:

1. Begin with the major scale of the same name and sharp the 4th note. For example, D Dorian would be the D Major Scale with a sharped 4th. (D E F# G# A B C# D)

2. Begin with the 4th note of the "tonic" major scale and write a scale that has the same key signature as the tonic. Example--the A Lydian scale--write a scale that begins and ends on A with the key signature of E. (A B C# D# E F# G# A).

Using the Lydian Scale Mode

The Lydian Mode Guitar Scale us usually played over Major 7, Major 9 and #11 and Major 13th chords. It is also played with a IV - V chord progression.

If you need to review chord progressions, here is a link to a free lesson on this site. The link opens in a new window.

Chord Progressions

Free Printable Scales Charts

These scale charts are in the formats of traditional notation AND guitar tablature. They are pdf files so you will need the free Adobe reader to view and print them. You can download the reader free from the Adobe website. Please remember to expand the viewer to 100%.

Each file has charts for 4 different keys. I trust that the charts will be useful to you. Have fun!

Lydian Mode: Keys of C G D and A

Lydian Mode: Keys of E B F# and C#

Lydian Mode: Keys of Ab Eb Bb and F

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