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Free Guitar Licks!

You want to learn your favorite cool guitar licks! After searching the internet for guitar licks tabs, are you confused? Exactly what IS the correct way to play that song? And why are the free guitar tabs so difficult to read?

This page is dedicated to you! Here you can find accurate FREE Guitar Pro Tabs. Tabs written in this format will prove to be the best guitar tabs that you have seen.

You read guitar tabs written with Guitar Pro in much the same way that you read the more common ASCII tabs, but there is one important difference.

One of the problems with most tablature is that it is difficult to notate rhythms accurately and in a manner that is easy to read. For this reason, the majority of tabs that you find on the internet may not rhythmically accurate. You are therefore left to play the notes in the rhythm as you HEAR them. Of course this can be only as successful as your ear is accurate!

Free Guitar Tabs!

The free guitar tabs on this page, are notated in traditional music notation as well as tab. The rhythms are absolutely correct and very easy to read.

Sit back, relax, and prepare to enjoy your FREE GUITAR LICKS!(Bookmark this page and come back often as I will constantly be adding new tabs!)

SMOKE ON THE WATER (Solo)--Deep Purple

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (Intro)--Led Zeppelin

RUNNIN' WITH THE DEVIL (Intro and Verse)--Van Halen

ONE (2nd Intro Solo)--Metallica

Purple Haze (Intro)--Jimi Hendrix

CRAZY TRAIN (Intro)--Ozzy Osbourne

SWEET CHILD O' MINE (Intro)--Guns 'N Roses

The "Guitar Pro" program is available at a very reasonable cost and will open up a whole new world of searching for guitar tabs. You can even download a free trial version. If you like these tabs and would like to learn more about the Guitar Pro tab editor:

If you would like to make a small donation to keep these tabs free, it would be appreciated!

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