Advanced Snare Drum Rudiments

Are you amazingly smooth and fast at the first 20 snare drum rudiments? Then you are ready for the drum rudiments-advanced level! Remember that rudiments are THE foundation of good drumming. Try to begin each day's practice with one or two.

Rudiments practice will improve your drumming in may ways. They are useful in developing coordination and speed. Even if you play only on the drum set, you will be able to use rudiments for fills and to make your playing more interesting. If you listen carefully to your favorite drummers, you will hear them making use of their knowledge of rudiments. Different lengths of rolls and the use of techniques such as the Flam are widely used in every type of music.

Learn Advanced Drum Rudiments

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Here are the second two sets of rudiments:


Triple Paradiddle

Six Stroke Roll

Seven Stroke Roll

Fifteen Stroke Roll

Flam Paradiddle

Single Flammed Mill


Single Drag Tap

Double Drag Tap

Single Ratamacue

Quadrant D

Triple Stroke Roll

Inverted Flam Tap

Flam Drag

Drag Paradiddle #1

Drag Paradiddle #2

Triple Ratamacue

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