Pentatonic Guitar Scale
Learn This Scale First

Pentatonic Guitar Scale

Have you learned some open chords and some power chords and are now wanting to know how you can play awesome solos? It is all about scales.

Are you you ready for the next step?
The pentatonic guitar scale is perhaps the MOST used scales in rock and blues music.
This one is actually called "pentatonic minor" and is very useful,
not only because it is easy, but because it sounds good
in almost any combination of notes.

Learn to Play Pentatonic Scales!

Try this one first:

Think of the picture as holding your guitar in front of you, facing you. The dots show you where to put your fingers. Use only your 1st and 3rd fingers. Remember that your index finger is number one. Play both notes on the 6th(on the left)string, then both notes on the 5th string, etc. Then turn around and come back starting with the highest note (bottom note in the picture)on each string.Practice this scales until you can play it slowly and smoothly with NO SPACE between the notes.

Here is a page on this site which will teach you how to use the metronome to make these scales smooth and fast: Practicing Guitar Scales

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Here is your next diagram: Picture holding your guitar on your lap.

This one is a bit more complicated. Still use only your 1st and 3rd fingers, but this time if there are three notes on one string, you are going to SLIDE to the third note using your 3rd finger. Do NOT pick that note with your pick. Kind of hard to explain in writing. There are also many things to know about how to use your pick but hey--ask your teacher. Or, if you need one and live in the Gig Harbor area, email me.OK -- don't work TOO hard and I will catch you at the next lesson!

Want to totally MASTER your scales?

Guitar Scale Mastery


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