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Drum Backing Tracks for Your Favorite Songs

All of our almost free drum tracks are guaranteed to be accurate recordings from our transcriptions of the ORIGINAL version of the song.

First we carefully transcribe the drum track and then record it in midi format.

Are you looking for quality drum backing tracks for your favorite songs? Now you can have any of our well known Almost Free Drum Tabs in midi (.mid) format. These tracks will be useful to you in many ways. If you need help with practicing, now you can play along with real drum parts instead of just using the metronome.

Many of our customers use these drum tracks for live performances. They can be imported to "CakeWalk" or any other midi editor and then customized to fit your specific needs.

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Other customers use these drum tracks as a supplement to the sheet music from our Almost Free Drum Tabs .

Since these tracks are in midi format, they require very little space and download time. They can be opened with iTunes or any media player and can be burned to an audio CD or even loaded to your mp3 player. (If you are using iTunes, just save the track to your library and then right click on the name of the track and choose "Create AAC Version".)

Would you like a FREE SAMPLE? Click on the player for a partial sound file of "Damn Regret" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus:

NOTE: Sheet Music for any of these tracks can be obtained at: Almost Free Drum Tabs

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