Guitar Open Chords Are Easy!
Just Be Patient

There are two basic kinds of guitar open chords--Major and Minor. You will need to be patient in learning to use these chords because it takes time and practice to be able to change rapidly and smoothly from one chord to another.

Here you will find the most common major and minor open chords as well as instructions and hints about how to practice them. Above all, take your time and try to be sure that the chords SOUND LIKE MUSIC. Try to eliminate any buzzing or muted notes.In time your hand will become stronger and playing these chords will be easy!

You Can Learn About Guitar Open Chords Here!

Here is a diagram of the most common Major chords:

Look at these diagrams as though you were holding your guitar in front of you--facing you. The string on the left is the Low E string. The numbers in the dots are finger numbers for your left hand. Your index finger is number one. The thumb has no finger number. The X's above the strings mean DON'T play those strings. The O's mean you play those strings but don't put your fingers on them(open).

Practice these guitar-open-chords one at a time and remember that the important thing is to make them SOUND GOOD. Be patient. Try to memorize the chords and remember to know the NAME of each, not just how to play it.

Once you are able to make these guitar open chords sound like music, you are ready to try them in some combinations:

1. C C C C / G G G G / C C C C / G G G G

2. G G G G / D D D D / G G G G / D D D D

3. G G G G / C C C C / D D D D / C C C C

4. D D D D / G G G G / A A A A / G G G G

5. A A A A / D D D D / E E E E / D D D D

Practice these combinations SLOWLY. Try to make them smooth and musical. There is really no advantage to speed at this point. Remember, the TURTLE won the race!


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When you have become and expert with the Major chords, you are ready for Minor. Here are the ones you will use most often:

Practice these in the same manner as you did the Major chords. Then when you are ready, try these "chord progressions" (combinations of chords).

1. C C C C / Am Am Am Am / Dm Dm Dm Dm / G G G G

(*the little "m" means a MINOR chord}

2. G G G G / Em Em Em Em / C C C C / D D D D

Again, the keyword is SLOWLY. Keep up the good work and I will see you at the next lesson!

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