Piano Major Chords

Piano major chords(called "triads" because they have three notes) are formed by playing the first, third, and 5th notes of a major scale simultaneously. For example a "C MAJOR" chord is:

The fingering for all major triads in "root position" (the name of the triad is the lowest note) is:

RIGHT HAND 1 3 5 and LEFT HAND 5 3 1.

This is a chart of all 12 piano major chords (triads).

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OK back to work--

You should memorize these triads. You could try learning them in sections:

C G D A E B and F (the ones named after the white keys)


When you know the first section, try these "chord progressions":

Hold each chord for four counts.

C / F / G / C

G / C / D / G

D / G / A / D

E / A / B / E

With these chords, you can begin to play many of the songs you love.

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