Practice Guitar Scales
Fast Repeated Notes With Alternate Picking

So you've decided to practice guitar scales--really get serious about it? GREAT--you will NEVER regret the time and effort that you invest in your technique!

This lesson presents three exercises designed to improve your picking speed. Before we start, you WILL need a METRONOME!

Now, set the metronome at about 60 and lets begin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to use "alternate picking in all of these exercises. In case you don't know, "alternate picking" means that you pick one note DOWN and the next note UP. If you try to do the exercises using only "DOWN" picking, you will be wasting half of your picking motion and the result will be that you will play HALF AS FAST as if you use alternate picking.

Make your picking lightning fast!


(Play 2 notes per beat)

EXERCISE ONE (Play 2 notes per beat)

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(Play 3 notes per beat)

This one is a bit tricky because the triplets begin with alternating picking motions. The first triplet starts with a "down pick" and the second with an "up pick" and so on---


(Play 4 notes per beat)

When you have mastered these exercises, try 6 and then 8 notes per beat! THEN you can start increasing the metronome speed by SMALL INCREMENTS.

Want to totally MASTER your scales?

Guitar Scale Mastery

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