Harmonic Minor Piano Scales

Harmonic minor piano scales are simple to build if you know the Natural Minor scales! You simply sharp the seventh note.For example: the "A" Natural minor scale is


To form the Harmonic minor scale, you sharp the G and you have

A B C D E F G# A

Let's try another one. The "E" natural minor scale is

E F# G A B C D E

To make it Harmonic minor, sharp the "D".

E F# G A B C D# E

Pretty easy, right? Just remember that you have to know the key signature (how many sharps or flats) of the relative major scale. You have to think a little backwards here--on the 6th note of which major scale does my chosen natural or harmonic minor scale start?


These scales may be used to improvise only in a minor key. For more about minor keys, see CHORD PROGRESSIONS

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