Major Guitar Arpeggios

Major Guitar Arpeggios

Have you been trying to improve your leads and solos? Chances are you have repeatedly encountered the term "sweep arpeggios". What are they? How do you use them? This page may be just what you have been looking for!

Here you will find useful information about arpeggios in general, sweep arpeggios in particular, and you can have a free chart to show you how to play major (sweep) arpeggios in 4 positions. Let's Get started!

Sweep Arpeggios--Learn Major Guitar Arpeggios!

What Are Arpeggios?

Arpeggios are simply chords which are played one note at a time. They are also sometimes known as "broken chords". They can be used for solos, rhythm parts, and even for writing songs.

Some songs which make prominent use of arpeggios include:

Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix

Color My World by Chicago

Last Train Home by Lostprophets

Sweep Arpeggios is a term which refers to a particular application of arpeggios where the notes are picked with a downward motion as the notes get higher and with an upward motion as the notes go back down. As each note is played, it is muted by lifting the fretting finger. This technique allows for very rapid playing of the arpeggio.

This type of arpeggio has become a favorite of metal players and thrashers.

How Can I Play Arpeggios?

Below is a chart of four positions in which you can play major arpeggios. The small numbers indicate the fingering and the location of the root of the chord.

All of the examples are in the key of A Major. If you want to play a different chord, just find the root of the chord you want and plug it into the pattern. For example, to play the first position in "C", start on the 8th fret.

For all positions, pick downward on the first 8 notes and upward on the remaining notes. Be sure to mute each note right after you play it by slightly lifting your fretting finger.

Here is the chart--Have Fun!!

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