Double Bass Drumming:
Rudiments for Bass Drum

Rudiments for Double Bass Drumming

Are you looking for ways to improve your double bass skills? If you are like most of my students, the answer is YES! I have had countless questions both on and off line about how to improve this essential skill.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to play with your feet as well and as fast as you play with your hands? Then one obvious answer would be to practice the same things with your feet that you practice with your hands--RUDIMENTS!

(Of course you DO practice rudiments, right?)

I have adapted basic drum rudiments for practice with double pedals or two bass drums. This page contains section one of those rudiments.

The mp3 files are "practice loops"--they start out slowly and become a little faster each time. You can record the files with your sound recorder or wave recorder (there is a great one on the "Free Software" page of this site),then put them on a cd and practice with them.

Learn snare drum rudiments!

Here are the rudiments followed by the mp3 files:

Five Stroke Roll
Seven Stroke Roll
Long Roll

Check back often as I will be adding more rudiments and more techniques for double bass! Do you need a good double bass pedal? I personally use and recommend the "Iron Cobra".

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