Minor Piano Scales

Have you learned the Major Scales well? If so, then these minor piano scales will not be difficult to understand. There are three kinds of minor scales-- NATURAL, HARMONIC, and MELODIC


Remember that each major scale has a specific number of sharps or flats? There is a RELATIVE Minor (having the same number of sharps or flats) for each of those major scales.
Of course each black key has 2 names, a sharp name and a flat name. These tables show each major scale and its relative minor by both sharp and flat keys.

C Major--- A Minor G Major--- E Minor
D Major--- B Minor A Major--- F# Minor
E Major--- C# Minor B major--- G# Minor
F# Major--- D# Minor C# Major--- A# Minor
F Major--- D Minor Bb Major--- G Minor
Eb Major--- C Minor Ab Major--- Gb Minor
Db Major--- Bb Minor Gb Major--- Eb Minor
Cb Major--- Ab Minor

Now this may seem confusing, but the truth is, we rarely come across some of these keys. The main thing to remember is this:
If you want to play the relative minor scale of any major scale, just start on the 6th note of the major scale and include the sharps or flats of that major scale.

For example, an E Natural minor scale starts on the 6th note of the G Major scale and has one sharp, F#.

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You can use the NATURAL MINOR scales to improvise ONLY in a major key. That is, if the chord progression is in a major key, then you may use the NATURAL minor scale in the relative key. For example, if the chord progression is in "D" major--use the "B" natural minor scale.

If you don't know how to tell which key the chord progression is in, go to

CHORD PROGRESSIONS. As with the major scales, if you want to USE minor piano scales, you must PRACTICE them. If you live in the Gig harbor area and need a teacher to give you ideas about practicing scales, email me. I would be happy to help you.


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