Vintage Guitar Amps Values:
What is Your Amp Worth?

Many of my visitors ask about vintage guitar amps values. Do you have a guitar amp that you would like to have information about? Do you have a question about Fender guitar amps, Marshall guitar amps, or any other guitar amp brand? How about Bass guitar amps or acoustic guitar amps?

This page is especially for those who want to know about used amp values.

We all know that vintage guitar amps have a totally different sound. Those vacuum tubes just have a naturally warmer sound than you can get from a transistor amp.

You can find the Value of YOUR Vintage Amp Here!

Steps to Take to Discover What YOUR Guitar Amp is Worth

To determine the value of your amp, you must know the model and the year of manufacture. There are a few sites that provide serial number look ups to determine the year..Just do a search for "(Your Amp) Serial Numbers".

You must also determine whether your amp is in Original Condition. Any modifications, including speakers, controls,coverings, etc. will lower the value of your amp..

You need to evaluate the condition of your amp. Does it look almost new with very little damage, does it look as though it has been used a lot with a few scratches or dents, or is it a complete wreck? The condition of the amp is extremely important in determining the value.

The amount of demand for the particular year and model will also greatly affect the value. The more people who want the amp, the more they are willing to pay.

Determining the Value

Once you have the above information in hand, you can get a general idea of the value by searching for your amp on eBay. There you will be able to find out what people are asking for amps similar to yours. You can also search for your amp in the Harmony Central reviews. Most of these reviews mention how much the owner paid for the amp.

If you want a completely accurate evaluation of your vintage guitar amp, my advice would be to go to the experts at Blue Book of Guitar Amp Values

You can get an evaluation of one amp for less than $5.00, or you can subscribe, as I have, so that you can evaluate as many guitars as you want. I have found this service to be accurte and extremely useful.

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