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Song Writing Software makes the task of composing and notation music a breeze! I have searched the web for the best music composition software and freeware. The freeware is identified as free. I have actually used most of these programs and I will include personal evaluations. You should, however, try them for yourself!



Anvil Studio

Anvil Studio is a free WINDOWS program for those who want to designed for people who want to:# record music with MIDI and Audio equipment,# compose music for MIDI and Audio equipment,# Sequence music with MIDI equipment, or# play with music using a computer and sound card.

I have used Anvil and found it to be useful and user-friendly. The function which allows midi files to be converted to standard notation works well only for midi file with 2 voices. This shortcoming, however, is common to ALL programs which convert midi files to notation (the technology is just not there yet).

Finale NotePad

Finale Notepad is a free WINDOWS and MAC program. It is the free, lite version of Allegro and Finale.

All of these programs are excellent. Your choice would depend upon what you need to do with the program and how much you can afford to spend. I personally use ALLEGRO because it suits my needs for notating keyboard music. Both ALLEGRO and FINALE are described in more detail in the next section.


JAM is a FREEWARE WINDOWS program for writing chord charts. It will also transpose, and play your charts. JAM is a fast and convenient way of notating chords. A very handy little program!


These are the "big guns"! The free programs are nice, but there is really no substitute for a first rate program if you are serious about your songwriting.

Click on the "read more" link for a full description and other information.

I have used every one of these programs and they are ALL unbeatable. Guitar Pro is a MUST for all guitar players. The Sibelius and Allegro/Finale programs are truly "state of the art". Check them all out--I am sure that you will find the perfect program for YOU!

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