Drum Rudiments
Here Are The First 20

Drum rudiments are a set of basic patterns used in drumming. They originate with the military drummers who used drum beats to signal troops into battle. If you have ever seen a "drum line" (remember the movie?) they were playing various rudiments. Most rudiments are named by what they sound like (i.e. Flam, Ruff, Ratamacue, Paradiddle. etc.)

In 1932, William F. Ludwig (Ludwig Drums) met with the most prominent drum instructors from all parts of the country at the American Legion National Convention in Chicago. There they formed the National Association of Rudimental Drummers (NARD) devised a practical system of drumming. They adopted set of 13 rudiments that each applicant had to play as a test for membership, and an additional 13 rudiments that would not be on the test. Later the Percussive Arts Society (PAS) adopted another 14 for a total of 40.

Learn snare drum rudiments!


Single Stroke Roll

Single Stroke Four

Single Paradiddle

Multiple Bounce Roll

Double Paradiddle


Flam Tap

Ruff (Drag)

Double Stroke(Long)Roll


Single Stroke Seven


Flam Accent

Swiss Army Triplet


Nine Stroke Roll

Thirteen Stroke Roll

Seventeen Stroke Roll

Lesson 25

Single Dragadiddle

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