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Guitar Solo Techniques

Free Lead Guitar Lessons

Do you dream of playing lightning fast, mind boggling leads and solos? Are you having trouble figuring out how your favorite players DO THAT? Here is the help you need!

I have isolated the most commonly used guitar solo techniques and created a separate free lesson for each. Just click on the name of the technique to go to that lesson.

Remember that the single MOST IMPORTANT element of excellent soloing is fluency in scales! Be faithful about your scale practice and your solos will automatically improve every day.

When you have a good start on your scales, you can begin to add various Techniques to add interest, flavor and color to your solos.

Free Guitar Lessons


Practicing Scales--Rhythms

This lesson provides exercises and mp3 files of the exercises for practicing your scales in eighth notes, triplets, and sixteenth notes. This skill comes in very handy when you are improvising solos.

Practicing Scales--Fast Repeated Notes

Here you will learn exercises to improve your speed in picking repeated notes. This is the technique sometimes called "Splatter Picking".


In this lesson, you will be learning to slide smoothly from one note to the next. You will also find an excerpt from a great song that uses a lot of slides.


This one teaches you how to alter the pitch of a string by bending it in varying degrees with your left hand.


Three great tapping exercises with mp3 files

Natural and Artificial Harmonics

A detailed discussion of the different types of guitar harmonics. These can really add magic to your solos.

Sweep Arpeggios--Major Chords

A favorite tool of shredders, sweeping is explained here. Exercises are provided.


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