Guitar Scale Modes
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Guitar Scale Modes

Are you a serious guitar player? Are you constantly looking for new ideas to improve your soloing? Chances are, you have heard about modal scales! Do you find yourself confused about these mysterious "modes"--how to learn them--how to use them?

This lessons was created just for you! Here you will learn about the seven scale modes. You will learn how to construct these scales and how to use them in your solos. You can even download and print FREE pdf files for each scale.

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A Bit Of History

Early Greek music used scales which were named after Ancient Greek subgroups (Ionians, Dorians, Aeolians), one small region in central Greece (Locris), and certain neighboring (non-Greek) peoples from Asia Minor (Lydia, Phrygia).

The names of the Greek modes are the most commonly used names to describe the modal scales used in music today. These modes were:

Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aolian, and Locrian

It was believed that each of these modes elicit specific emotions and behavior in listeners. The early Greeks even believed that the hearing of a specific mode altered the personality of a listener and made the listener fit or unfit for certain jobs.

In modern music, modes became a favorite of impressionistic and jazz musicians and most recently in contemporary music.

The Modes

Here are links to lessons about each of the modes. In each lesson, you will find and explanation of the mode including construction and guidelines for use. You will also be able to download and print FREE printable tabs for each mode in all 12 keys.

Ionian Mode Guitar Scales

Dorian Mode Guitar Scales

Phrygian Mode Guitar Scales

Lydian Mode Guitar Scales

Mixolydian Mode Guitar Scales

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