Double and Triple Kicks

by Tsaka

How are double, triple etc. kicks best done?

I try doing double kicks but i don't know which one is better;the heel up or heel down one? Also what do I practice to improve upon my kicks.


Hello, Tsaka!

I think that you should try to perfect BOTH techniques. Playing with your heels down may seem slower at first, but it will develop muscles which will eventually help to make your heels up playing even faster.

You will probably find as you progress that some moves feel better with heels down and some with heels up.

Here is something to think about: If you practice both ways, you will be prepared for the day that you are ready to try the "heel-to-toe" technique. With this technique, you alternate between the heel and toe of each foot--much like bouncing strokes with your hands. Obviously, in order to perfect this technique, you will need to be able to play heel up AND heel down.

What should you practice? I have my students practice the standard drum rudiments with their feet! It makes sense, doesn't it? All of the double and triple strokes that you are wanting to play are contained in the snare drum rudiments, so why not practice them?

The process is fairly simple--just substitute the right foot for the right hand and the left foot for the left hand.

You can find the rudiments Here.

I just finished a lesson on triplets which is extremely helpful when applied to the bass drum. Go here for the triplet lesson.

Keep checking the Free Drum Lessons section of my website. I am planning to post some double bass lessons in the near future.

Hope this helps and Best Wishes for your drumming!


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