What is the best kit for my needs and wallet?

by Aaron
(Martinsburg, WV)

Fairly new to drumming, play by ear and have a knack for it, I am lookin for a kit that will serve my needs as pretty much a beginner BUT I am intending on playing some small shows in the very near future. I have been looking into the Tama Imperial Star and the Ludwig Accents as I have around $700 to spend. What in your opinion would be a suitable kit for my practice and small show needs at this point in the process?


Hi, Aaron--

Between the two sets you mentioned, I would take the Tama set. I found this Imperial Star 6 piece set that is a great deal--two floor toms and upgraded cymbals:

Tama IS62C4 Imperialstar 6-Piece Drum Kit

If you are able to purchase a kit SOOn, here is a GREAT deal--can't beat DW products!

Pacific Drums by DW MX Drum 5-Piece Set - Scratch 'n' Dent ¹

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Best Wishes,

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