What Guitar Scales Should I Learn First?

by badis

I really am thankful to u for this great chance on the net, for it is first time i see an interactive site of learning guitar.

My question is, that I'm a beginner I have just learned the chords, and fingering on frets, but in fact I'm still confused and don't know what to play and what to start from.

Especially I don't know how notes or scales harmonizing each other, especially what scale suit what chord and what is the nature between a certain scale to a certain accord?

Please tell me what scale i would start to learn as beginner, finally i would like to tell u that my favourite style is rock and roll. thanks


Hi, Badis--

The first scale that a guitar player should learn is the Pentatonic Minor.

This is the easiest scale to learn also probably the most used in Rock Music.

Then you can branch out to Diatonic Major and Minor scales, lessons for which you can find at:

Absolutely Free Guitar Lessons.

As for how scales and chords relate to each other,
that is a bit more complicated, but yopu can begin to find answers by learning about chord progressions:

Music Chord Progressions.

Let me know if you have specific questions.


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