How to Play Piano Scales

by Donna

O.k. I hope I can explain this right. I looked at your piano scales all twelve major scales, the one that looks like sheet music. O.k the letters on the left side for example "C" then a row of numbers at the top and bottom. My question is do I play those letters on the outside of the piano scale with my left hand? and the numbers on the scale with my right hand? I hope I explain this o.k. where you can understand what I'm saying. Oh yea! what does these letters stand for:
W W H W W W H. I am really a beginner on this, I want to learn to play the keyboard so bad for the church choir. I hope to receive my keyboard one day this week. But, I'm learning a lot just by reading web sites. I have signed up for your lessons. I will be donating a $1.00 to your fund as soon as I can. Thanks


Hi, Donna--

You play the bottom row of notes and numbers with your left hand and the top row of notes and numbers with your right hand.

If this is still confusing, you might want to try
Beginning Major Scales first. There you can see the notes on an actual keyboard. It will also answer your question about the W W H W W W H indications.

Good luck in your pursuit of music and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


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Oct 23, 2008
piano Scales
by: Donna

Hi, thanks Lynne. So the Bold Letters to the side of the Piano Scales, I guess those are major chords? O.K. I have another question. Do you know of a web site that I can print the music notations or the symbols and what they stand for on a music sheet?

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