How Can I Learn Guitar Scales?

by Alex Y.
(North Carolina)

So I've been in 3 bands so far, two of which broke up. But my most recent one(the one on I'm in now)jams a lot. Now I know scales enough to get some right chords but my band members want me to solo. I say I can't because to don't know scales off the back of my head. So is there like a easy way to learn scales? Also, wouldn't I need to know how to play the scale from all sorts of positions?


Hi, Alex--

Pentatonic minor scales are a great place to start and are easy to learn. Here is a link to free lessons: Pentatonic Minor Scales

There is also a link on that page which will take you to a free lesson for practicing scales.

As far as positions go, when you follow the diagrams, the note that you begin on is the name of the scale--they are the same up and down the neck.

Have Fun!


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