How can I improve my kick drum technique?

by Dylan

I do a lot of rudimentary work in snare drumming.. basic rudiments with accents, subdivisions, flams, subdivided flams in different spots throughout the rudimentation, hand to hand subdivided flams or subdivided flams at the beginning and end of each triplet sounds great and transfers well onto the drum kit.

My problem is my feet don't do well on a kit and if i focus on them i end up in straight beat which i have no interest in.

How could i work my feet so that i have control of them and they don't just do whatever they want? Do you think if i practiced the rudiments on my feet and hands together slowly it would work?

How about slowly practicing different rudiments on my feet than with my hands, or practicing the rudiments on opposite hands to feet?

i imagine it would work if i practiced like that super slowly, probably wouldn't sound too good though and it would be tedious to practice like that. Is there any faster method to gain control of ones feet?


Hi, Dylan--

I assume that you are using a double kick pedal. Normally, the left foot will present the biggest challenge in the beginning. One practice technique that is very useful in this regard is to practice ordinary beats--nothing extremely complicated to start with--and play the kick drum part with only your left foot. This will help your left foot get used to playing the kick drum. After all, your right foot has had years of experience, so you can't expect that your left foot will automatically be able to keep up with your right foot.

The next step in this type of practicing is to divide the kick drum part between your two feet. Just practice simple beats that ordinarily would not require the use of the double pedal. This will get your feet used to working together.

The idea that you had of practicing rudiments is great. Just practice them with your feet ONLY.
Here is a page of exercises:

Double Bass Drumming

I would in fact, recommend that you eventually learn to play ALL of the snare drum rudiments with your feet. Think how awesome it would be if you were able to play rudimental snare drum solos with your feet!

Above all, be patient and practice slowly at first. Everything that is worth while takes time and dedication.


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