Guitar Modal Scales

by badis
(north africa)

Hi lynne,

I'm Badis. What complexes me is whether in a given song, the guitarist sticks to one mode in a major scale and lands on that root note throughout his chord progression?

I give u an example to clarify my question: let's suppose we are playing phrygian mode on G progression, must we pick sharp G and sharp C and sharp D in 1.4.5 progression to attract attention and create nice solo? Do we stick to same degree in the three chords? thanks for patience. I appreciate what ever u comment.


Hi, Badis--

I am somewhat confused by your question. I think that it would be good for you to acquire a general knowledge of modal scales before trying to apply them to your playing.

You can get the help you need at:

Guitar Scale Modes

There you will find information about all of the modes and you will also be able to download free printable tabs for each mode in all 12 keys.

Best Wishes,

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