Best cymbals for a semi professional player?

by Rob
(Leominster, Mass, USA)

I'm in a band that does 1 or 2 professional gigs every 2 to 3 months. I've been getting by through borrowing friends cymbals but I've decided its finally time to get my own. BUT!!! i have a budget of $250. If there are good cymbals for this price range what are they?

-at the moment i have crap stock hi hat and crash and a zildjian zbt ride which sounds AMAZING!


Hi, Rob--

The way to go if you want to get a lot of cymbals and stay within your budget is cymbal "packs". Here are a couple of good choices within your price range:

1. Zildjian ZBT 4-Piece Rock Cymbal Pack

These are the cymbals like your ride. The only thing here is that you might be duplicating your ride, so you might want to choose a pack that at least offers a different size ride.

2. Sabian B8 Performance Set Cymbal Pack

These are also really nice sounding cymbals. I have a set of them for my students to use. And if you order them now, you get a FREE 18" crash in addition to the 16" crash that comes with the set.
So--5 cymbals for the price of 4.

Those are my ideas--hope it helps.

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