Which Piano Chords Should I Know?

by casey
(denver co denver)

What are the basic chords I need to know please?


Hi, Casey--

You can start by learning the major and minor chords that have white keys as the root.

Please visit:

Piano Major Chords
and Piano Minor Chords.

Learn the major and minor chords for C G D A E B and F.

Have fun!


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Feb 23, 2010
keys lay out
by: Anonymous

Lynne whaz going? I've always loved the way pianos sounded growing up. I always fooled around on my keyboard but never got learn. I have a pretty good idea of the sound so am not tone deaf. Anyways. I was wondering if you could please send a layout of the chords as they are laid out on the keys.
your student casey d gurske


Hi, Casey--Unfortunately, I have no way of doing such a layout. If you will visit:

Absolutely Free Piano Lessons and go to the "Beginning Piano Lessons", you will be taught the names of the keys. From there you can figure out the chords.

Best Wishes,

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