Zakk Wylde Custom Fake

by Al
(Valpo, IN.)

I have a guy at work wanting to sell me the Buzz Saw paint schemed Zakk Wylde Custom by Gibson. He says his uncle bought it a couple years ago and just gave it to him. Now, my question is about the serial numbers. I notice that the numbers on the Zakk Wylde customs start out with "ZW". Is this true on ALL the Zakk customs? The guitar friend wants me to buy just has a series of ZW. Please help?!? Is this ligit?

Hi, Al--

It is NOT legit. All custom shop guitars have printed, not IMprinted setial numbers and the Zakk Wylde customs ALL have serial numbers starting with ZW.

In addition, check the front of the headstock. It should say Les Paul Custom and should have the "Split Diamond" inlay.

There should be a profile of Wylde on the back of the headstock, but be careful, most makers of these fakes at least attempt a picture.

There are a lot of these Chinese made fakes out there. We call them "Fibsons".


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Jul 14, 2015
fake or not
by: ken

Bought this guitar believed to be authentic, i am unable to determine if it is real. Wanted tp post pictures for help.
It has the gibson logo , split diamond , the plack says les paul custom , the back has his outline picture and and serial number , no letters in it at all. Its the bullseye gibson les paul. Need help ,,,,,

Apr 13, 2009
fake Gibson blog
by: John

I always check he's got a couple of fake Zakk's on there.

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