Yamaha Subkick

Please tell me in detail what all I need to set up and use my Yamaha Subkick. Please include any and all electronic devices needed to set this up and use. Thanks so much. Joe Johnson


Hi, Joe--

You will need at the least, a PA system or other source of amplification. You may also want to use the Subkick in combination with other microphones to pick up the mid range and higher tones.

Here is one drummer's idea:

“This is apart of my go to miking set-up now. I use it on just about everything. I put the sublick on the outside, a RE20 45 degree angle outside the hole and a beta 91 inside about 6" from the batter head. This setup works on everything from jazz to metal because I have my lows from the subkick, nice creamy mids from the RE20 and the attack from the beta. It is just beautiful thing.”

Yamaha also suggests:

"Placement and proximity have an effect on the sound captured by the SubKick system, so experiment with these variables to create a variety of tonal possibilities. Place the SubKick in front of the head hole or at varying distances from the head itself to produce variations in sound quality, volume and timbre."


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