YAMAHA Power V Special--What Type of Wood?

by Gene
(Dallas, Texas United States)

 YAMAHA Power V Special

YAMAHA Power V Special

I have a YAMAHA Power V Special which was purchased in 1992. How can I find out what kind of wood it is? I attached a pic.

Thanks in Advance!
Gene Dallas, Tx


Hi, Gene--

This set was made with Birch wood shells and may have an outer ply of Mahogany (Red Lauan).

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Feb 22, 2019
Yamaha Power V
by: Alex

I bought a second hand Yamaha Power V kit. 12, 13 and 16 floor with 22 kick. Cleaned them up and set them up. I used them for a gig and sounds great. Sold and powerful sound. I love them.

Dec 07, 2014
I found love with a Japanese Power V Special
by: Jeff McClain

I have played a lot of kits, I was getting ready to buy a Tama Superstar kit when I noticed a Yamaha power v White kit with 12 13 16 toms 22 kick then I found a 18 inch stage custom floor tom to add and played it, sorry tama superstars the sound coming out of the super v's blew it away I am now the proud owner of of a thunder kit and I love it. Not a lot of info out there about the super v but I really think they are under rated drums no doubt.

Nov 05, 2014
Power V special made in Japan
by: Anonymous

When were the Power V Special made in Japan build?

Oct 10, 2012
power v special
by: hoperator

power v special phillipine mahogony and basswood

May 17, 2011
Power V special
by: Martijn

Hi Gene,

my answer may be a bit late but the type of wood your Power V special is made of is not birch wood, as Lynne told you!

It depends on where your kit was made. As you are living in Texas I presume your kit was made in Japan, in that case your kit consists of 9 ply basswood with a Philippine mahogany outer layer for the BD and 18"FT and 8 ply for the TT's and 16"FT.

My kit was made in England (in the early 90's Yamaha owned the Premier drum factory, they installed their machines and instructed the Premier production workers how to manufacture the Yamaha's) and has 9 ply poplar and Philippine mahogany for the BD and 6 ply for the TT's and FT's. Obviously the English kit consists only of a 22X16" Bassdrum, but the specifications says there was a 20X16" available as well.

Furthermore most sizes are the same but the Japanese made kit has an extra option for a 8x8" tom (according to both brochures I received from Yamaha Holland after years in their archieve!)

Specifications and components for Japanse Power V Specials:

9 ply Basswood/ Mahogany for BD/ 18"FT
8 ply " " " TT/ 16"FT
BD 22/20x16" (Mahogany/Basswood hoops)
FT 18/16x16"
TT 8x8"/10x9"/12x10"/13x11"/14x12"/15x13"
Steel SD 14x6.5"
High tension lugs
Round ball clamps
Jet Black/ Red Granite/ White Granite

English Power V Specials:

9 ply Poplar/ Mahogany for BD
6 ply " " " TT/FT
BD 22/(20)X16" (Birch/Mahogany hoops)
FT 18/16x16"
TT 10x10"/12x10"/13x11"/14x12"/15x13"
Steel SD 14x6.5"
High tension lugs
Edged ball clamps
Jet Black/ Marble Red/ Marble White

Both kits are produced with the famous "Air seal system" technology

The specific high tension lugs can only be found on the Power V Special and the Recording Custom series!!

Don't get mixed up with the Yamaha Power V and the Power V SPECIAL. The first one was a budget kit with ofcourse Yamaha quality but has no high tension lugs and the inner shells are painted in black. Which type of wood and the dimensions they used for that kit I don't know. ThePower V Special has bare inner shells.

I still play on my Power V special. The sound is very warm and powerfull but it can also be played with sense.

DON'T EVER SELL YOUR KIT!! it slowly turns into a vintage kit with very good quality and playing skills.

Keep on Playin' that Power V special!

Best regards,


Arnhem, the Netherlands

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