Yamaha LL55 1985 Acoustic Guitar

by Kate Robertson

This Rare guitar was Handcrafted in 1985 in Japan but this model was never exported from Japan.
The guitar was a gift from the Japanese government to the visiting Laos consulate.
The Back and sides are solid Brazilian Rosewood with solid Spruce Top. It has a 1 piece mahogany Neck with Ebony Fingerboard. It has maple binding and abalone Inlay. It comes with the original hard case. There is some scratches to the top but this does not affect sound, the strings may need slight adjustment.Some of the abalone Inlay is missing in small areas. I can send more photo if requested
The guitar plays beautifully and is is great condition for its age. It has been rarely used before it came to me.
I am aware that this guitar is very rare and of its value.
I am looking to sell in the range of $7000.

email: kate_robertsonuk@yahoo.co.uk

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Dec 05, 2010
Made in Japan???
by: Anonymous

Its too bad that Japan made such fine guitars vintage Yamaha, Takamine, Yairi, and the value isnt worth a fart. But thats good for us that dont want to pay $1500 + for a USA built Gibson, Fender, Martin, Taylor, or a Spanish one off Flamenco/classical special. Dont get Japanese confused with Chinese. There is a huge difference in quality assurance. Then again, there are the Japan built beginner : Lyle, Montero, Conrad, etc. Some of these are good $100 or less, but do they hold tune, vibrate? Just because a guitar maker is from Japan doesnt mean its bad!!! Or Mexico even!!!

Mar 17, 2010
LL55 Yamaha
by: rryan

apparently anonymous doesn`t know much about guitars. Mack Wiseman and Randy Travis both play Yamaha LL55 Guitars. They are one of the very finest guitars ever made, and worth every bit of the $7000.00 price. I own a Martin J-40 and the Yamaha LL55 is it`s equal or more.

Feb 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

usually whats made in japan isnt really worth that much.
i would keep it for the memories you have with it

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