Yamaha FG331 from republic of china--how old?

I have looked high and low for the age of the guitar and can't find out. Can you help me with the age of it.

It's descriptions are.
20 fret, 6 strings,pick guard(black with some red in it), the body is blond in color, the leading edge is a thin black line, with a white looking bone color. Around the sound hole starting by the pick guard is black that goes to the neck, a space of about 1/2in and starts with a black,white,bold black, white,thin black, and then a thin white. a space of about 1/2in, a real thin and then black circles around the sound hole. the tuning knobs are silver in color, and there is a slide hole with a screw nut in it. on the back side it has white bone looking strip all around, along with a black strip.down the middle of the back it has a bone looking color with black in it, In the inside of the guitar, it has FG331 Republic of China. Can you help me with the age of it.



Hi, Charles,

According to the Blue Book, the Yamaha FG331 was introduced in 1977. The model names wee changed in 1981, so that would put your guitar's year of manufacture somewhere within that 4 year period.


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