Willie Nelson's Guitar

by RuboA
(Lakewood, WA)

I have made my $5.00 donation and would like to ask a question about a vintage guitar. Though it is not your typical Vintage Guitar Value question I am still hoping that would be able to answer the question.

Last night I saw the "Great American singer and guitar player Willie Nelson up close and personal. In fact we shook hands :-)

Thing is I was bewildered by the look of his guitar. As you can see by the picture it looked old and worn and even had a hole in it.

Why of all things would a professional performer/artist want to continue playing with this guitar? If I hadn't heard him play I would have thought that the hole would have had an adverse effect on the sound of the guitar. But evidently that is not the case. But still I ask why?!!

Your response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


I have no idea what drives Willie Nelson. You would need to ask HIM.

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