Why Does My Guitar Sound Wierd?

Whenever I play the first fret on my Spencer electric guitar it makes this weird sound. It doesn't matter what string I play, i got new strings and it did it on the old strings HELP!



It would help if I knew exactly what kind of sound your guitar is making. In general, you might want to have the intonation adjusted.

There is a metal rod that runs the length of your guitar neck. If you take it to a music store or guitar repair shop, they can adjust the rod so that the 12th fret is EXACTLY an octave above the open strings, which may improve the sound. This is a very inexpensive service.

Otherwise, the technicians will be able to give you more specific advice.

Best Wishes!

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Dec 22, 2008
by: Eric

Good info, you can find the guitar repair shop at http://www.repairmyguitar.com

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