Why are some drum shell packs more expensive than others?

Ddrum dominion player maple shell pack

Ddrum dominion player maple shell pack

What honestly makes some drums (shell packs) more expensive than others? I know wood type is a factor, how many pieces comes with the shell pack and the finish of the wood. But I am just wondering if it is even necessary to buy a expensive drum shell pack at all; or are some people paying for stuff that isn't necessary. I noticed one shell pack that was selling for 750.00 and the same one shell pack below it sold for 900.00! and all it had was a sparkle finish... what a rip off. I am looking at a 5 piece black ddrum dominion player maple shell pack. it's $599.00. It sounds pretty cheap... I am looking for a good quality shell pack! Would this be a good purchase? or is this too cheap to be good quality????? I want to make sure it is quality stuff! I need your input!


Hi, jbushne--

There are many factors which influence the price of drums--it is difficult to pinpoint the exact ones without seeing the drums.

I can tell you that DW drums are of consistently high quality and I think the $599. is a good price. If that is your budget, go ahead and get them.

Save your money for some new heads once you know what you want and maybe some new cymbals, etc.

Enjoy your new drums!


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