Why are my Fingers Stiff After Guitar Warmups?

(z-hills FL. U.S.)

Usually while warming up on guitar my fingers start to feel loose and i can play faster and smoother. However, for about the past month after warm-ups my fingers feel stiff and faster licks are more difficult to play. I'm only 16 so i don't think old age is to blame. I play guitar sometimes for hours on end so i don't think its lack of practice either. Any advice?


Hi, Randy--

Rather than not practicing ENOUGH, your problem may be that you practice TOO MUCH. Our fingers and hands can take only so much of a workout before it gets to the point of diminishing returns.

Try shorter practice sessions with a rest interval in between. Your fingers are like any other part of your body--they need recovery time.
Treat them kindly and they will be a lot happier.


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