Which Electronic Drums Should I Buy?

by Chloe

My boyfriend has played the drums for years, he had a full drum set at our old residence, which was a big place, and he could practice all he wanted. As of now, we moved to the city and had to sell his drum set because of space and noise restrictions. He has mentioned how much he misses it, and aslo mentioned an electric set as being an alternative. It is december 28th now and his birthday is in February, I would like to buy him a set, but I am clueless as to what is quality or mostly what product an experienced drummer would find effective. Our current residence is small, no extra room for anything. Are there any suggestions you can give me? I know it's difficult to decide what to get someone when you don't have much to go on. But the criteria is, small and useful to an experienced drummer. ( obviously I'd like to keep it a surprise so the less questions I ask him, the more surprised he will be.) Thank you.


Hi, Chloe--

What a nice girlfriend you are!

Most of the good drummers I know are talking about the Roland V-Drums V-Tour TD-15KV Electronic Drums. Here is a demo video:

I know I would love to have these drums as would most drummers on the drum sites with which I am associated. The video tells you where to buy them.

***Please note that this is not an affiliate link. I make no commission from the sale of these drums.


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