Which electric guitar should I purchase for a complete beginner?

by Kendall

I am a complete beginner, but I have been doing some research and have narrowed down which guitars I might buy. I have a pretty low budget, and not expecting something amazing, but at least something that will last me a few years. At the moment my budget is set around $300 and I am looking at 3 guitars, but other guitars for this budget can be put into consideration.

Yamaha Pacifica 120J for $125 (supposedly new, but from craiglist)

Yamaha Pacifica 120V for $300 (this one I have been reading many good reviews, and is what I want to purchase. Though for $175 less I can get the 120J so I'd like to hear some opinions)

Epiphone Plustop Pro Les Paul for $375 (this one comes with many extras via craiglist, "VOX 20 WATT AMP, Case, Strap, TRIPLE Guitar Stand and Chord." It seems like a nice deal, though I'm not sure about the quality of this guitar vs the Yamaha Pacifica)


Hi, Kendall--

Without a doubt I would recommend the Epiphone. The Epiphone company produces extremely good quality guitars--to be expected since they are a division of Gibson.

Yamaha guitars do not tend to be high quality guitars, especially the less expensive ones.
My advice is to grab the Epiphone and don't look back!


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